Aminovel 600 injection uses

Aminovel 600 injection uses


(Amino Acids, Vitamins & Sorbitol Injection)

Parenteral Nutrition Solution Providing 5% Amino Acids, Vitamins and 10% Sorbitol

(Amino Acids, Vitamins & Sorbitol Injection) Each 1000 mL contains:

Amino acids (L - form)

50.0 g

L-Isoleucine J.P

3.20 g

L-Leucine J.P.

2.40 g

L-Lysine HCI J.P.

2.50 g

L-Methionine J.P

3.00 g

L-Phenylalanine J.P.

4.00 g

L-Threonine J.P.

2.00 g

L-Tryptophan J.P.

1.00 g

L-Valine J.P.

3.20 g

L-Alanine U.S.P

6.00 g

L-Arginine HCI J.P.

2.66 g

L-Arginine U.S.P

4.00 g

L-Histidine HCI. H,O J.P

1.35 g

L-Proline U.S.P.

2.00 g

Glycine (Amino acetic acid) J.P

14.00 g

D - Sorbitol J.P.

100.00 g

Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate J.P.

2.50 mg

Nicotinamide J.P.

60.00 mg

Pyridoxine HCI J.P.

40.00 mg

Ascorbic acid J.P.

400.00 mg

Inositol J.P.

500.00 mg

Water for Injection U.S.P.

QS Electrolytes (mEq/L)














AMINOVEL 600 Injection is recommended for parenteral nutrition supply in the following conditions: The impairment of the gastro-intestinal tract causes inadequate nutrition as in clinical situation of short-bowel syndrome, anorexia and severe gastro-intestinal disorder. Prolonged rest is necessary in cases of enterocutaneous fistulae and involving the gastrointestinal tract. Increased metabolic need is required as in the cases of severe burns, trauma and after surgery. Some critical cases, such as tumors and severe infections, require exogenous nutrition. In these cases, Primary provides the best solution.


If someone has a problem with their body or needs surgery soon and lacks protein, they might need to have AMINOVEL 600 Injection. This is usually given to grown-ups through a tube in their vein for 4-6 hours. During this time, they will get 500 mL of the medicine. Afterwards, they might get a solution with 10% sugar. This will go into their vein too, but it will only take 2 hours. They will get another 500 mL of this solution, but it will go into their vein a bit faster than the first medicine did.

 The infusion of different herbs is repeated at 12-hour intervals for 5-7 days. Patients may be kept awake for a longer interval according to their condition and response.

For post surgical impairment of protein synthesis: The usual adult, dosage is 500 mL of AMINOVEL 600 Injection by intravenous drip infusion over 4-6 hrs (20-30 drops/min.) following drip infusion of Darrow's solution 1000 mL over 4 hrs (60-100 drops/min.) and followed by drip infusion of a 10% sugar solution 500 mL over 2 hrs (60 - 100 drops/min). These infusion are started on the 3rd post surgical day and repeated at 24 hrs intervals for 5-7 days. Careful checking should be done for urine volume not to be less than 60-70mL/hrs, and reexamination of dosage schedule is necessary when the volume falls below the level.

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• Use the solution within 24 hours after removing from Aluminium bag.

 • Do not use the bottle if oxygen absorber sachet is not present inside the Aluminium bag or the color of the solution has changed.

• Discard oxygen absorber sachet & unused solution.

•  Store at normal room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

• Keep all medicines out of the reach of children If the condition worsens, consult a doctor

DOSAGE: As prescribed by the doctor.

Manufactured by:

Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. F/4-9, H.I.T.E., Hub, Balochistan. (As per Otsuka Specs.)

(A Company of Otsuka Group, Japan).

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