Pakistan Seizes Toxic Solvent Used In Cough Syrup


Pakistan seizes toxic solvent used in cough syrup

Pakistan has seized a batch of contaminated propylene glycol solvent labeled as being manufactured by Thailand's Dow Chemical,  the  drug regulator said of the country said on Thursday.
Dow Chemical, Thailand did not react to a ask for comment.
The move comes as authorities determined toxic propylene glycol used in cough syrup may be responsible for the deaths of more than 300 children in Indonesia, Gambia and Uzbekistan since 2019. 2022.
The World Health Organization has linked  deaths outside Indonesia to cough syrup made in India.
"Regulatory forces have confiscated a contaminated batch of propylene glycol and are investigating the entire supply chain of this batch," Pakistan's drug regulator said in an alert shipment  same batch of propylene glycol.
“This batch is labeled as manufactured by Dow Chemical, Thailand,” it said.
“Sample analysis  by the Central Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Karachi revealed unacceptable levels of ethylene glycol,” the drug regulator said, which could pose serious health risks .
It says ingestion of ethylene glycol can "affect the central nervous system and heart, and  cause kidney damage and possibly death.
The drug regulator has placed a moratorium on finished products made from any further batches of propylene glycol from Dow Chemical Thailand.

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